Folkuniversitetet (Sweden)

Project co-ordinator

Folkuniversitetet, Stiftelsen kursverksamheten vid Uppsala Universitet (FU) is a national Vocational Education & Training Association that offers a wide range of VET and adult education training courses throughout Sweden and in several European countries. Folkuniversitetet consists of five legally independent trusts (regional offices) with over forty local branches throughout Sweden and the national office in Stockholm.

Anziani e non solo (Italy)

Anziani e non solo (ANS) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on the management of projects and provision of services in the area of welfare and social inclusion. ANS’s multidisciplinarity is documented through its involvement in different roles. It is registered as a recruitment agency at the Italian Ministry of Labor, as a lifelong and continuous learning provider in Sardinia Region, as a training provider at the Italian National Board of Social Workers and as a social research institute.


The Institute for the Promotion of Development and Training (INFODEF) is a private and independent center for Research, Development and Innovation, whose mission is to design and carry out projects that contribute towards achieving sustainable and inclusive development through education, culture and innovation.

University of Humanities and Economics (Poland)

The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (AHE) is an accredited higher education institution, established in 1993, which beyond the traditional University programs (BA. MA, MSc, PhD) provides postgraduate studies and courses for various target groups. AHE is one of the largest private Universities in Poland, consisting of 23 faculties and offers a wide choice of subjects and more than 100 courses, while its curricula are constantly updated according to market demands.

PROMEA (Greece)

The Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies (PROMEA), based in Athens, Greece, is a Non-profit Association. PROMEA’s goal is to address societal challenges related to workforce re-training and upskilling, resource efficiency, circular economy, quality improvement in education, inclusiveness, and equal opportunities.