A set of evidence-based learning outcomes on emerging skills and competences required in the domestic care sector.
This outcome aims to facilitate the development of high-quality learning opportunities that support and reinforce key competences for the exigencies of the domestic care work, both before and after the COVID-19 epidemic.

A curriculum structure and a pool of pedagogical resources including educational instructions, learning, and assessment materials, designed to support the delivery of the course, a trainer handbook and a learner e-book. All materials will be based on the DoCUp learning outcomes and offered for unrestricted third-party use.

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to act as a wide-access delivery method for the DoCUp curriculum on critical skills and practices of up-to date care provision.

A framework and set of tools for the facilitation,
recognition, and validation of domestic care work



Develop and pilot a training programme to upskill care workers. Providing skills, knowledge, and competences required to deliver safe and high-quality care services through a web-based training game and an online course.

Development of a framework and set of tools for the facilitation and improvement of domestic care workers’ employment conditions, including:
a) a Statement of Support for the validation of the DoCUp learning outcomes;
b) a best practice guide for extending social security to domestic care workers, and
c) a policy position paper facilitating and proposing means to improve and formalize work practices in the domestic care sector and other vulnerable sectors.

Five national information days to promote project results and stimulate an open discussion on the present and future of the domestic care work, challenges, training and policy needs, and new opportunities.