I recognize the DoCUp resources as important and valuable for upskilling the domestic care workers and for ensuring resilient employment pathways. 

I recognize that the following skills are currently required for domestic care workers:

  • Critical care skills
  • Basic nursing skills
  • Ability to protect against infections
  • Digital and administrative skills
  • Communication and relationships skills
  • Skills related to personal agency and well-being

I value the DoCUp resources because I believe that in this way, my organisation will be able to:

  • equip domestic care workers with a mix of care, transversal and attitudinal skills to ensure resilient employment pathways,
  • contribute towards advancing the regulatory environment and working conditions pertaining to domestic care,
  • respond to current and future challenges in the home care sector, such as those raised by the COVID-19 pandemic 

I recognize that DoCUp resources enable the acquisition, assessment and testing of new home care skills and competencies and I hereby acknowledge that my organisation is interested in using the DoCUp resources in order to support the progressive inclusion of domestic care work into upskilling and formal pathways. 

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