Final TPM of the Erasmus+ project DoCUp: Updates on the latest project phases

On the 5th and 6th of March, the partnership of the Erasmus+ project DoCUp, hosted by the partner Anziani e Non Solo Soc. Coop. Sociale and met in Modena, Italy, for the final meeting. This event was crucial to define the final stages of the project and to share important updates.

The partnership has recently developed an innovative open access resource, a training game for domestic care workers. Participants have the opportunity to respond to common challenges in the care sector and identify ways to make the most appropriate choices. Depending on the player’s moves, the game will assess their skills and competences in the areas of critical care, communication and negotiation, monitoring and observation.

In addition, the project partners focused on the final outcome of the project. This outcome aimed to create a framework for social recognition and to improve the working conditions of domestic care workers. Three different materials were developed: a Statement of Support for the validation of the DoCUp learning outcomes, a Best Practice Guide for extending social security to domestic care workers, and a Policy Position Paper facilitating and proposing means to improve and formalise working practices in the domestic care sector and other vulnerable sectors.

The updates are not finished, in fact, the final phase of the project will include multiplier events in each partner country. These events will provide an opportunity to present all the results of the project, highlight its core content and promote exchange and dialogue among practitioners.

On this occasion, video interviews will be conducted with the participants of the event to gather impressions and feedback on the results and impact of the project. This content will soon be available on the YouTube platform, and all the above materials can be accessed on our project website.

For further updates, please visit the project website and follow #DocuProject.