After the fieldwork of collecting information and the literature analysis aimed at identifying the range of “hard” and “soft” skills and competences required for the provision of domestic care services, the DoCUp partnership is pleased to announce the implementation of an up-to-date curriculum for domestic care workers responding to their theoretical and practical needs. In addition to the downloadable for free training programme and its MOOC version, the DoCUp project partners are currently working on other educational resources, including a handbook for trainers and an e-book for domestic care workers.

The training curriculum resulting from the work of the partnership of the DoCUp project, a project co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme, has been published and is now freely available. The training curriculum was created to respond to the real training needs and requirements of domestic care workers, which were identified through preliminary research that directly involved the home care system (home carers, intermediaries, care recipient and family members).

Based on the findings, the training was created to equip domestic care workers with the social, transversal and attitudinal skills to ensure their resilient employment paths and to respond to future and current challenges in the home care sector, such as those raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the training programme includes six competence areas of in-depth study, aimed at developing and/or reinforcing caring, basic health and digital knowledge and skills, as well as the full range of skills and tools to promote care workers and care recipients’ safety, personal well-being, communication and interpersonal relations in the workplace. The curriculum is now available online and it can be viewed and downloaded free of charge in English, Italian, Greek, Polish, Spanish and Swedish via this link: Despite the relevance and value of the achievement, the DoCUp partnership does not stop here. Partners are now working jointly on the creation of an e-learning platform version of the traini curriculum, again free and open to all and even richer and more interactive than the one just published. In addition, other training materials will also be made available, including an e-book for domestic care workers and a handbook for trainers. But to find out more about the forthcoming results of the DoCUp project, stay updated by checking our website and social channels Facebook and LinkedIn.

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